Your IT and peripherals are core assets and for assets to perform optimally, they need proper management. As our clients come on-board, we assess and then initiate a lifecycle and assign certain tasks to each stage, from the first sales call through to ongoing technical support within a long-term Service Level Agreement. We will also help you project future needs.

Managing IT as a lifecycle gives a more global view of the business and assets, and puts you firmly in control. We’re here to help you make informed decisions about your investment and understand its full capabilities.


Azorra Technologies’ sales team are more tech strategists than salesmen, and are trained to quickly grasp the tech requirements behind the enquiry. In our preliminary sales interactions, we pride ourselves on investing time in getting to know the client, the business and understanding its objectives so that we can adequately scope and align the most appropriate solutions. We will perform further needs analyses as the business grows and its IT needs change. We’ll grow as you grow!

Azorra Technologies’ engineers and technical support teams are often part of the critical needs analysis too as they bring important skills to the table when planning the best way forward. This holistic approach ensures that all angles are covered from the start of the relationship.

Clients are also assigned a dedicated consultant who will remain the point of contact for the duration of the SLA with Azorra Technologies. We don’t disappear when the contract is signed – we believe in business continuity and trust through long-term relationship building!


Once the architecture is mapped, we will deploy our team of project engineers with extensive experience in configuring resources to achieve project goals. Our engineers can work with you on short or long term contract basis, depending on the individual requirements.

We are acutely aware of how interruptive any tech integration can be so we work as efficiently as possible to minimise any downtime. Our engineers are in constant contact with your dedicated consultant to ensure the deliverables and agreed timelines are being met.



Having invested in the new technology, the next step is to ensure that it delivers the expected business value, which requires training for the end users. If you don’t enable your staff, they can’t enable your business!

It is also important to consider the training programme at the beginning of the lifecycle in order to plan resources in such a way that productivity is not affected during rollout.


Azorra Technologies is geared for all levels of technical support. Our team is adept in diagnostics and we work within impressive response times. Our support staff react quickly and decisively to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Reduced costs, increased productivity, enabled collaboration, improved performance

– all part of a typical digital ecosystem crafted by Azorra. Talk to us